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Are You Making These Common Window Mistake? – Daily Objectivist

We offer tips on how to make use of your windows to their fullest potential.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by people with windows are that they do not realize the amount of insulation they require which can cause damage to the windows they have with harsh cleaning agents. Other issues include letting drafts through due to a cracked sealant or faulty caulking, and not having weatherstripping all around the exterior doors.

Window treatment and windows should be treated correctly to avoid expensive mistakes. One number is important for window thermal security. That number is the R-value. It is the measure of resistance of a material to heat flow.

It is recommended to select windows that have higher insulation. There are still ways to enhance the efficiency of low-rated windows. Ask your window specialist regarding the additional steps they suggest to increase the efficiency of energy-efficient windows.


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