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The Steps in Heating Oil Delivery – Vacuum Storage

There are many homes that have HVAC systems. The tank is located at the bottom or some other space of the home and has to be replenished on a regular periodic basis. This video explains the steps that are involved in the delivery of heating oil.

A delivery driver first is required to find the home. You can’t deliver the oil on the spot if you’re not in the home! Today, oil companies have equipped their vehicles with GPS system. It allows the driver to type in an address, obtain a map and description of the property.

Once the delivery driver gets to the address, they will determine the valve at the house that is going to take the oil. Usually, the connection is situated on the exterior of the house, such as an electrical meter. The oil tanker has a hose, which delivers to the house.

The technician makes sure there is a secure connection, and then waits at the valve all the time the heating oil is being delivered. If there is a fault then there will be a click alarm system that goes off. Drivers can shut the valve to prevent unintentional accidents. Check out the video for further details.


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