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How to Stop a Pigeon Infestation –

like rats, or insects, like such as cockroaches, or insects like. Pigeons are one of the animals you might not instantly think of. They are a regular issue in cities. If they choose to make their homes inside a home or an apartment there is a chance to become dirty. The following video demonstrates an example of how a pest-control team tackles a pigeon invasion.

It’s in an apartment building in the heart of a major city. Tenants were evicted and the building was closed for a while. Pigeons made to get in, and made a mess of the property. Feathers, debris and bird poop are all over the place. Eggshells too can be seen.

The apartment is not habitable and must be cleaned by a group of expert pest controllers. Pest controllers wear an extensive personal safety gear and masks that protect from toxins from the droplets of birds.

They employ a powerful chemical to wash all. In reality, they must have permission to make use of the cleaning agent. In order to avoid further infestations they’ll have to replace the broken window by the pigeons.

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