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Which Portable Toilets Are Best For Camping? – Camping Riano

It involves pitching your own camp in addition to cooking your own food around a campfire. What do you do to manage your day-to-day activities even in the middle of the forest? There are some campsites that have toilet areas. But if you’re staying in an area that is not connected to the grid, this may not be feasible. For this reason, some choose to use portable toilets. Portable toilets are easy to bring along for outings on the camping trail. While they are not glamorous however, they’ll do just fine. In this short video you’ll learn more on the portable toilet options available to you.

The Camco Portable Toilet is the very first portable toilet. The Camco Camping Portable Toilet looks just like any other toilet. The primary benefit of this toilet is that it has the capacity of a tank with Gallons of water. It is possible to flush out waste. Additionally, it makes the air fresh and free from odor. The one drawback with this type of toilet is the fact that it’s big and bulky. If you have to take anything for a long time, you will want to look for an alternative that is light. Go through the rest of this video for more information on possibilities.


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