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Why Your Refrigerator Could Save You Money – Saving Money Ideas

>Believe it or not, your fridge may be costing the household more than what it is required to. This means that it may save you money as well. In this video we will show you how you can reduce the power consumption for your refrigerator.

A normal refrigerator makes up approximately 13% of a home’s electricity bill. It’s a substantial amount when you consider the fact that AC lighting, heating, and AC are all part of the cost of electricity for your home. In fact, the refrigerator could represent significantly higher than 13% your electric bill if are using an older model. The performance of older models are not as high as modern models. Additionally, they become more inefficient over time. So, any electrician in the commercial sector will tell you that one alternative to reduce costs is to buy a new refrigerator if you own a very old one. What amount of money could you save in the end? According to some estimates, the savings per year from switching to a brand new fridge could be between $100- $200. That means the savings would be enough to pay for the refrigerator in just a couple of years. A shiny, new refrigerator will be an excellent option for any kitchen. A lot of them are quieter too!


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