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Why New Trucks Are a Terrible Investment – Investment Video

A path to financial success. It is easy to focus our efforts on choices that provide the lowest risk as well as the highest returns. However, we often forget that it is equally important to be cautious about investing. Sometimes these investments come in the form of shares or funds that are mutual. Sometime, they’re harder to spot. The video below will demonstrate why new trucks can be a bad investment.

A truck’s value can decrease rapidly over a period of time. The best option is to not put money into an asset which will quickly decline. Another argument is that the value provided is greater for vehicles that are new. There may be some truth to it. But, there are some vehicles that are as much as four years old and offer the exact same value for a fraction of their cost. That’s right, quantity you receive out of a used vehicle per dollar is significantly higher than one purchased new. Both depreciate but a pre-owned truck decreases in value much faster. One thing you should keep to keep in mind when you buy a used truck is take note of any indications that your vehicle might require repairs before it is even started. The best thing to do is avoid used trucks that will need to go to a repair shop.


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