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What To Do If A Passenger on Your Flight Becomes Violent – Source and Resource

one. However, this can happen if an unruly passenger turns violent or violently violent for any reason. The tendency to panic is not uncommon. It is crucial to keep calm. It is likely that the flight attendants or staff on board have been instructed in what to do in the circumstances. A majority of situations are easy. You just have to let the flight attendants as well as staff deal with it. However, sometimes they may require assistance. In this video it is clear the way a violent person was held down. It is unlikely that this man will even get the chance to inquire about bail bond services with such a violent crime.

If the flight attendants have trouble holding a violent passenger down then you may offer aid as long as agree to put yourself in danger. Keep the violent passenger still until emergency landings are done at the airport closest to the airport. In most cases, this doesn’t take all that long, but the passenger has to be held down. In this clip, flight attendants managed to catch the person making use of duct tape in order to keep the man in place.


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