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Turning Scrap Metal into Artistic Sculptures – Entertainment Videos

Pencils or inks. There is an entirely contemporary art field that utilizes metal elements to replace conventional pen, paper, and inks. Even though sculpture isn’t the major focus of many artists, it still produces amazing and inspirational pieces. Metalworking is a technique that dates back to the ancient times with blacksmithing, but contemporary artists are recycling old trashed metal into some of the coolest sculptures you’ll be able to see. In this clip, you will see how one artist turns scrap metal into amazing sculptures.

Alan Williams was raised to become an inventor, and he enjoys dismantling things. He grew up surrounded by fantasies and an enthusiasm for animals. Williams uses the scrap metal in his creations instead of buying supplies. He believes that everything you require to make is right there around the artist. He has extensive expertise in welding and smithing. He creates magnificent sculptures from scrap metals from different animal and creature species.


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