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Truck Engine Overhaul Process Time-Lapse A Look Under The Hood – Rad Center

Rebuild your engine.

A very poor seating piston ring and the wear on the bearings in the engine are just two main factors that lead people to choose to replace their engines. Bearings enable the engine to run smoothly by supporting its moving partslike the pistons. To allow these bearings for to operate effectively, they must be lubricated with engine oil.

Although these bearings are able to endure for years but they will wear down over the years. If you don’t maintain your car then the wear and tear will be ramped up exponentially.

See this instructional video made by Ceccanti Inc, where you’ll see a time-lapse of how the Cummins N14 turbo diesel engine is rebuilt on an Kenworth T880 truck. Here, you’ll see Kody performing his job when he is able to efficiently finish the truck engine overhaul in-house – with some help from Dakota and Brand. The truck, one of its first trucks has more than 660,000 miles in it but they’d like it last for longer, to the point of a million kilometers.


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