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Deadly Texas Tornado Footage – Boston Equator

Some people specifically try to locate and chase tornadoes. It is a thrilling experience for some. It is for others an academic endeavor. Storm chasers often chase tornadoes to gather data that will help to understand the creatures of nature. This information can be used to save people’s lives and enhance the safety of the public. Understanding tornadoes will help us identify and warm people prior to they are too far. Even if warnings are given, houses and roofs can still be destroyed. a local roofer will still need to be contacted. The only way to safeguard ourselves is by calling a local roofer. In this film, you will witness a devastating Texas tornado and the risks these brave souls took so they could save others.

It was on the 28th day of March 2017. Storm chasers were chasing a supercell in Texas. A tornado rapidly materialized. The chasers caught completely off-guard by the tornado. There were chasers who stopped to snap photos and video, while others continued on. The vortex whirls rapidly, taking dirt and dust from the fields. The vortex is heard swirling with tremendous force. This is both a stunning and frightening sight. It dropped hailstones big enough to hurt storm chasers’ vehicles. A strong updraft can trigger hail to be produced by storms that create tornadoes.


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