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What is Game Networking? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

Aming server. Dedicated servers are needed for the smooth game play, since games such as Minecraft as well as Don’t Starve Together can bring hundreds of players together in real-time. Game developers use networking to connect players and enable users to play huge multiplayer games. What is networking? The video below provides an exhaustive explanation of networking, and how players use it across the world.

Networks are games that connects to multiple other games using a central server. For instance, networking is the moment a user clicks “play” in the multiplayer display to play a certain game. The game then uses an algorithm to match these players to other gamers throughout the world. All games communicate through a central server. This means that players don’t need to worry over their games being lost due to a glitch in the internet. In the end, they continue to play well and MMRPGs (or Massively Multiplayer games) are gaining popularity, such as we’ve seen recently.


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