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How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work? – Life Cover Guide

up to 90 up to 90%. While installing a fire sprinkler system may be difficult the most experienced and knowledgeable fire sprinkler contractors have the skills and knowledge in order to accomplish it. Keep reading to learn how fire sprinkler systems work.

The fire sprinkler contractor installs the wet pipe system, which is probably the most commonly used fire sprinkler system. Since each sprinkler head operates independently, there’s a less possibility of water damage occurring if an alarm is triggered.

In the wet pipe system the design of a fire sprinkler has three components, a plug, a glass blub, as well as a sprinkler. When temperatures rise in the event of flame, the liquid inside the glass bulb expands. As temperatures rise, the liquid to expand and ultimately break. Once the glass is broken, the water from the plug of the sprinkler is released and spreads across vast regions.

There are numerous types of sprinkler bulbs available to match the requirements of any building or warehouse. They break in 135 degrees Fahrenheit, red bulbs break at 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Yellow and blue bulbs break at 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Green, blue, black and purple bulbs can break even more at temperatures that are higher. If you’re unsure of the kind of bulb is right for your company, businesses that offer fire sprinklers, or a designer of a fire sprinkler system may be able to assist.


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