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How Data Center Cooling Works – PC Patching

Internet-based data sources are increasing and getting more and increasingly complex. The need for large data centers to handle the volume of information. The data centers should be situated in large warehouses at remote places that offer plenty of space.

To cool these centers, it requires an immense amount of power as well as infrastructure. Air conditioning is used in cooling many data centers. This demands a substantial amount of electricity. Innovative cooling methods are used to create innovative data centers.

In this case, Facebook just built a new data center located in Northern Sweden and uses the naturally cool environment, along with induction fans for cooling their servers. These fans still require electricity, but they’re much superior to traditional air conditioning.

Many companies are also trying more creative strategies. Microsoft tried a method of installing a server in an airtight container on the ocean’s floor. The idea worked. To cool the servers, they made use of the heat exchangers along with cooling ocean water.

For more information about the latest methods for cooling data centers watch the video in the link above.


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