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Fun Ways to Keep Your Brain Active! – Art In The News

You can browse for hours in social media. Although our smartphones provide us with distraction from life’s chaos but we are often able to go for hours on social media scrolling. It is easy to be glued to our devices at times when we’re in need of to take a break. So why not make use of our smartphones to engage in brain workouts instead of filling up our brains with activities? This video gives you some fun and fun math practice games to stimulate your brain and thinking.

The change from simple entertainment to productive creativity is gradual and steadily happening in the media world However, we’re witnessing games like Minecraft allowing children to still be able to think about their digital world. It is best to take breaks if you feel yourself dependent on online media. If you feel like you’re not being productive it is possible to learn a languages or playing fun math-related games with your smartphone will help keep your brain from becoming too passive.


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