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Bullet-Proof Windows, Do They Really Work? – Vacuum Storage

This is the typical scenario that people believe when purchasing bullet resistant commercial glass for their homes. But, how do you determine if it is true? Does a glass object really resistant to shattering? Even when hit by shooting. This question is often requested by a lot of people. Through many tests and experimentation of bullet-proof glass video provides the facts.

In the beginning, your bulletproof films are likely roughly double the thickness of a normal window film. It is a vinyl sheet laid over your windows, not the glass itself. As far as break-ins go, these combos of vinyl and glass are efficient in protecting your home from a weapon. Yet, the one thing that can stop from a shot is a strong piece of glass consider 1 to two inches in thickness, along with “bulletproof” wrapping. It is not enough to stop a bullet fired from a gun with a small caliber. You might want to reconsider the possibility of bullets and not impenetrable glasses.


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