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Air Duct Cleaning with Absurd Amount of Dust – Entertainment News Today

Vents in the air regulate temperature and permit air circulation through rooms. Over time, dust can accumulate in air vents and cause their efficiency to decrease. This can lead to fire hazards. People often hire firms to clean their air ducts and frequently clean their air vents. However, what would it be like for someone who decided not to clean the air vents of their home for 47 years? In this video, viewers will be able to see how an accumulation of 47 years of dust affects the air vent.

The video demonstrates how a house which is quite old requires for cleaning. Start by opening up the vent covers , which are lined with black dust. If you see dust like the one that is creeping up the vent cover, it is time to have your vents cleaned. After that, scrub the vents with a brush , or an instrument for whiskering. This will remove any particles and dust. Large chunks needed to be pulled out because it was clogging the whole interior of the vent. Finally, a huge vacuum can be utilized for the removal of the chunks.


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