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What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do? – Discovery Videos

Do you know of anyone suitable for bail? Bail bond agents assess the defendant’s qualification for bond -by looking into the background of the suspect. This is to determine whether he is a flight risk and is not likely to appear in court.
What are the options for financial relief in the event that the defendant fails to show up in the court? Agents can decide to release the bond should the defendant fail to appear in court.

What happens with collateral that has been signed over the bond? The surety bond posted by the bail agent will be attached to some collateral. In the event that the defendant continues to not pay the installment in cash, then the bail agency can claim the title to collateral such as electronic devices, securities and jewelry.

What does a bail agent perform to stay in contact with clients? Through constant communication with the defendant The bail agent will make sure they don’t miss their hearing. Agents may be checking on the defendant’s status or ask them to remain contact via their mobile on a regular basis. rbyl177h5a.

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