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What to Know About Hair Loss – Discovery Videos

Doctor. Ben Behnam is a dermatologist who is certified by the board and can tell you all the details you have to know about the process of losing your hair.

For the most effective treatment, seeing a dermatologist for hair loss Los Angeles or elsewhere starts with a physical examination to discover the reason a person is losing hair. The scalp and hair samples can be taken to test. The need for blood tests is probably needed in particular to assess the level of iron in women.

The types of loss of hair are generally divided into two types. Scarring alopecia is the first. The result is irregular patches of baldness. There is a second form of non-scarring Alopecia, which is much more commonly seen.

The patient should be asked if they know anyone who is experiencing hair loss. The most popular mythology is that mothers are the ones to inherit the baldness gene. It is inherited from both families.

Treatments for hair loss comprise of pills as well as hair transplants. Some patients are prescribed medication to prevent depression as hair loss may cause depression.

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