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Recycle Metal for Charity – Car Talk Credits

It is true that ly plays an important role as a way to help people find new beginnings. Recycling of metals is an effective way of bringing new optimism in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This inspirational video shows how an effort to aid the homeless can help establish a metal recycling scheme. The business owner works with local homeless people to recycle metal and to assist them with getting back to their feet. Queen City Metal Recycling does amazing work.

It’s a revolutionary business model that helps people reuse their waste and tackles environmental challenges. Each of us is just two pay checks away from becoming homeless. The film highlights the problem of the issue of homelessness throughout The Queen City and features homeless people who work in the recycling facility for metal. Find out more information about the program and the individuals who are involved in it by watching the video. This video can encourage you to take action and inspire you to take part in your local community.


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