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Behind the Scenes of a Chimney Inspection – House Killer

A chimney has to be in good condition. The homeowner can be confident and secure knowing the chimney inspector performed one sweep as well as a scan. A few companies that offer these inspections even offer an inspection using a camera to look at the chimney.

If the chimney’s flue has been damaged this exposes the whole household to extreme heat, gas fumes, and toxic fumes. A professional should inspect your chimney.

Every little detail can be ignored when you purchase a home. You may not be aware about the time the previous owners looked over and cleaned the chimney or if they ever did so.

It is important to do cleaning your chimney prior to burning your logs. So, you’ll be aware of the condition of your chimney as well as determine what repairs it may require.

This short video from the Chimney Safety Institute of America will explain how a chimney inspection is employed. You will also learn the requirements to be aware of in the event you employ an CSIA certified chimney specialist for the inspection.


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