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Utilizing Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts – Shop Smart Magazine

YouTube Channel Youtube Channel, INTEGRA Technologies has a solution that meets the toughest industry demands: Blackhawk hydraulic nuts.

They take place on the bolt over the standard hexagon nut. Each nut is then connected to multiple hydraulic tubes, that are driven by the same source. Pressure exerted creates the greatest surface area across all the bolts. For a secure seal the locking collars must be manually rotated. For the final step, the hydraulics are taken out, and the holes are plugged.

To remove the nuts that Blackhawk Hydraulics provides, the procedure repeats the process it is reversed. The simpleness of both the installation and removal creates an environment that is safe for the operators.

Blackhawk hydraulic nuts take only 2 hours to install contrasted with the 10 hours needed for installing mechanical torque wrenches. Their bolt load accuracy is considerably higher than other alternatives.

There’s no reason for discovery and bolt works that might result in an unplanned turnaround time. Blackhawk hydraulic nuts are an excellent fit to any project that requires rapid and quick work. If you’re in need of the top, Blackhawk Hydraulics has you all covered. paip1w47qa.

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