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Learn About What Goes Into Hammertoe Surgery – Séadhin

This procedure is also said to be safe to perform on all patients that is diabetic or otherwise.

The surgeon uses cold sprays and injector to numb the area to facilitate the surgery.

A cold solution is sprayed onto the feet before surgery. You will gently poke the toe using the needle, and after that, inject the medication to numb your foot.

The injection is small and opens the possibility of performing this operation on two feet simultaneously. This varies from patient to patient.

Final checks are made on the toe to see whether anesthesia is set into. If the toe is nudged it is then a “6G2” blade is used to make a small incision along the bottom.

When you insert the blade you’ll hear a crackling sound as the fibers are cut. A bleeding toe indicates drainage.
The blade is taken off and it is applied a gauze that is three-by-three on the toe, bending it to the right position.

The fibers are cut off by having a second glance inside the toe.

Following the procedure it is then placed inside a surgical boot. 7mto32uara.

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