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Becoming an Antique Art Appraiser – The Art Museum

A few years ago, anybody who wanted to be a certified art appraiser could simply take one or two classes, matched with an expert mentor and began their professional career. The profession was not overseen by external agencies. Reputation was the most important component in finding new clients for appraisers. The federal government is now regulating art appraisal and the state manages the. Appraisers who have been certified are required to have a four-year college degree in an applicable field. Appraisers have to be in the area for at least two years after graduating to be recognized.

The process of becoming a certified art appraiser is based in a tier system. The appraisers who have earned the appropriate degree are able to become apprentices within the Tier system. Once the training period is completed and trainees are eligible to become certified as commercial or appraisers in residential areas. Training for commercial and residential requires patience and commitment. It will take approximately 6 years to get certified as an art appraiser, even though you have an undergraduate degree of four years. 3m127f4g2i.

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