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The History of Dental Bridges – Dental Magazine

It is a fixed dental restoration, which is used in order to replace at least one missing tooth. The function of the bridge is to connect the artificial tooth with other teeth or dental implants that could have to be put in. Bridges of various types are joined through the natural environment. In most cases, bridges are made of porcelain so that they blend aesthetically with your natural teeth.

Talk to your dentist to determine if you might be a good candidate for the bridge. They may have the ability to answer questions , or direct you to another dentist who can. When you make the decision to get this procedure performed consider if it is right for you. Your dentist will be able to answer any queries you have concerning dental bridges. For instance, the explanation of a false tooth bridge or fixed bridge, fixed bridges cost as well as fixed bridge vs implant advantages, among other pertinent topics related to dental bridges. ee697xmfck.

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