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This Woman Makes Jewelry From Cremation Ashes – Small Business Tips

A loss of someone close to you can cause a huge shock to our system. Funeral homes constantly look for innovative ways to pay tribute to the deceased. They make use of various objects in order to be sure they’re there with them. The first was cremation viles. These were small viles with the ashes of your beloved ones. The first thing people realized was that they were impersonal and unattractive. How the industry has grown in cremation services is creating cremation jewelry. The following video shows how one woman set up a business of necessity, as there was an insufficient way of containing her ashes. As with a locket that has an image in it which means that the individual can remain with you in a friendly and respectful manner to every day. Though urns and containers may appear unappetizing, this technique permits you to create the most beautiful jewelry you can carry with you wherever you take your trip. dtcyolwijt.

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