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Cleaning and Disinfecting Food Factory Drains – Food Magazine

Clean up all garbage and get rid of the rest. It is important to have appropriate signage in place as well in order for others to can see what you’re doing when you are cleaning the drain. Clean any debris that remains from the drains with low pressure water. Then, use the right detergent to wash the covers further. Then, scrub the entire area with an extended-handled brush that covers any edges or surfaces. Once all the debris has been removed, you can rinse your cleaning tools, covers, and drain. If required, check the equipment again and clean it again.

The company must make sure that procedures are adhered to at work. Particularly, if you work with food on a regular schedule, you must ensure that the area is clean, in order that you do not end up delivering unsanitary food for customers. hbbtacyaum.

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