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How To Prepare New Whiskey Barrel Before Use – Food Talk Online

Here are some tips out of Abar Anyhow on how to have a brand new bamboo cone available ready for liquor.

Eliminate Spigot and then Plug

First, remove the spigot and also plug. Rinse and boil in water for half an hour. This softens the wood, making it ideal for inserting into the barrel without any splitting.

Rinse Barrel

Place a funnel from the plug hole. Place a bucket under the spigot hole to grab water that is spilled. Pour a couple of gallons of water down the funnel.


Plug up the spigot hole with your thumb. Put more water into the reservoir therefore it’s about halfway full. Close to the plughole with a finger. Shake the barrel to remove any debris to 1-5 seconds. Pour away the water.

Alter Spigot

Place the soaked spigot back into the hole. Place a folded towel . Make use of a hammer softly to tap it into the barrel. The barrel can create some odd noises, but this is normal.

Final Rinse

Fill out the barrel with warm water. This tends to make the barrel water-tight. Enable the water sit for at least six hours, then drain. 4oeeigxisq.

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