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The Top 5 Things an SEO Reseller Should Be Offering Their Clients

The pathway to awesome seo reseller profits

Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats to keep the operation afloat. In addition to providing the service their business offers, many small business owners serve as their own administrative assistant, accountant, dispatch, and maintenance man. At least 91% of small business owners also serve as their own entire marketing team. Since very few entrepreneurs have a background or any experience in marketing, it is no surprise that more and more small businesses are turning to white label SEO resellers to provide online marketing for their business.

The thing is, many SEO resellers are small business owners themselves, who either worked for a larger SEO company but realized they’d make more money doing it on their own, or are came in from another career altogether and wanted the flexibility and financial gains that being an SEO reseller offers. You don’t have to be a pro to be successful as an SEO reseller, but many times your business greatly improves with the following 5 SEO reseller tips:

5 SEO Reseller Tips for Success

  1. Assist with web content maintenance. This is the bread and butter of our 5 SEO reseller tips. As we all know in the SEO business, “Content is king.” Even if a business owner has developed their website and blog, very seldom do they have time to keep the content fresh, current, and engaging to optimize their search engine ranking. Providing this service is the greatest attraction of business owners to SEO resellers.
  2. Make yourself known as a online marketing pro. Of the 91% of business owners who are providing their own marketing services, most feel that their online marketing plan is adequate, because they don’t know what they don’t know. A great technique for establishing your marketing knowledge to a perspective client is to put together metrics regarding the business’ online footprint in comparison with other businesses in their industry. Chances are, the owner’s assumption that their home-cooked online marketing is sufficient will be shown in a new light with these statistics, helping them understand the benefit of bringing you on.
  3. Emphasize social media assistance. Business owners understand that the more online channels they are active with, the greater their branding awareness and opportunity to attract clients. Often times though, they just don’t have the time to beef up their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence in addition to running their business. Offering to assist with social media will be a huge attraction.
  4. Offer diversification. In order to survive as an SEO reseller, you must diversify your approaches. One approach might be successful for a time, and then another one will become more effective. Diversifying your SEO approaches will give you more success as an SEO reseller, and your track record will help you gain clients.
  5. Integrate SEO into your client’s whole marketing plan. Convey to your clients that SEO isn’t a side project that might boost their online presence while they continue business as usual. You will work with their entire marketing plan to make sure each component of furthers the goal of increasing traffic to their website, and ultimately converting clicks into sales.

Do you have any questions about becoming an SEO reseller? Do you have any SEO reseller tactics that have been particularly effective? Please share them in the comment section below.

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