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6 Tips To Being A Successful SEO Reseller

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With over 100 billion searches each month and 93% of users beginning their online browsing with a search engine, the need for effective search engine optimization (SEO) is greater than ever. If you’re interested in capitalizing on this growing market, you can become a SEO reseller. A SEO reseller is a third party that acts as a middle man between a business and a SEO company. The reseller literally “resells” the SEO company’s services to the client.

Here are 6 great SEO reseller approaches you can use to have the most success in the field:

Research the market.

First things first, you need to do your research. Find out what other SEO reselling firms are doing, how much they are charging their clients, and what sort of practices they are following. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while copying another firm is not okay, you can use their successes (and failures) as inspiration for your own strategy.

Offer exceptional customer service.

A lot of companies are outsourcing SEO because they don’t have the capability or knowledge to do it themselves. Most likely, they will have a lot of questions for you and need quite a bit of hand holding along the way. Set yourself apart from your competitors by always being just a quick phone call or email away.

Be transparent.

Because SEO reselling has become a bigger market, there are more than a few SEO reselling firms that are not competent despite their claims. Companies are very wary of getting ripped off by a fraudulent firm so make sure you are upfront with all of your fees and processes to gain client trust.

Follow search engine guidelines and rules.

Google in particular has a set of guidelines that SEO resellers must follow. If you are not in accordance with these guidelines, your search results will be negatively affected and you even risk having your website shut down. You can find the guidelines here.

Build a positive reputation.

With so many SEO reselling firms to choose from, companies are going to pick the best SEO reseller based on their reputation in the industry. Ask your clients for positive reviews or testimonials after you’ve helped them to start building your reputation and making a name for yourself.

Provide quality results.

Of all of the 6 great SEO reseller approaches, this is the most obvious but also the most important! More than anything, you need to focus on delivering high quality, effective results time after time to your clients. By doing the best work you can, your profits will be higher and you will get more client interest.

Search is the number one driver of traffic to websites, making it an incredibly valuable marketing tool. As a result, reselling SEO has grown in popularity and can be a profitable venture. If you’re just starting out and new to the trade, follow these 6 great SEO reseller approaches for quick results and maximum success!

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