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The Path Large SEO Reseller Revenue

Outsourced white label seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that has been in use since about 1997. If you work with websites, you know basically it is the art of making certain sites appear at the top of a search with Google or Yahoo. At least 93% on people’s interactions with web pages begins with a search engine. SEO is so important that businesses are turning to SEO outsourcing companies to help drive traffic to their sites. The path to large SEO reseller revenue starts with learning about the process.

Becoming a white label SEO
reseller can be a great way to make money online. If you are just starting on the path to large SEO reseller revenue, the term “white label” may be new to you. Basically, you are providing a product to your clients that they then can market as their own. Think of it this way, you provide a product with a blank or white label that your client then brands with their information and claims as their own. This is what SEO reseller programs are all about.

Ways to navigate the the path to large SEO reseller revenue:

  1. You are your brand. You can use your name or pick some really memorable business name but get it out there. You want people to associate it with SEO knowledge and expertise.
  2. Make your website awesome. Your site needs to make full use of good SEO strategy. It also needs to be really well done. If it looks like it was made back in 1997 that says nothing good about your knowledge of web marketing or SEO anything. You need to include the keywords that you want to show you are an expert at SEO so when they search for “SEO expert (name of town),” your site it up on top. This will go a long way.
  3. Get your payment system up and running. Sure you can use companies like PayPal but that is not the most professional way to go. There are other services, like 2 CheckOut, that allow you to take credit card payments..
  4. Protect yourself with a contract. No matter how great your SEO reseller strategy is, none are perfect and no one can guarantee a client’s site will rocket to the top of the Google search. It is just. You will, at some point, have a client who just wants to get your work for free. Protect yourself with a contract that specifies what you will provide and what your customer can expect. On the path to large SEO reseller revenue, this is an inevitable problem that you will encounter at some point.
  5. Get clients! Talk to local businesses, speak at local Meetups, put an ad on Craigslist. Get the word out that this is something you are doing and follow up with people. If you can visit businesses in person, do it. Talk to your friends and see if they know anyone. Beat, the bushes, pound the pavement, just get out there and drum up business!

The path to large SEO reseller revenue may seem complicated but it really is not. Learn the basics and get some clients, you will be surprised at how successful you can be.

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